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Mike's Bike Shop Ambassadors

We’re so pleased to introduce our 2024 Ambassador group – a network of New Brunswick community athletes focused on helping others have as much fun as possible on two wheels. 

Whether it’s leading rides, trail building, representing the Shop in races, or hosting community events they are a group of friendly faces and helping hands. And most importantly, they love to ride.

They do Mike's Bike Shop proud.

Luc Belliveau

By day Luc works as a Manager of IT Infrastructure in the federal government and by evenin is an outdoor adrenaline junky.  Two young boys keep him on his toes jumping on their MTBs, skis or playing hockey.

Marie-Line Beauregard

Marie-Line was always on her bike as a young girl. As an adult she started training and racing triathlon. Four years ago she got even more got involved with more cycling in cooperation with Mike’s Bike Shop.

Dany Benoit

Dany loves socializing with friends and can often be found exploring the trails and roads in real life until snow arrives at which point, he explores virtual roads on Zwift with the East Coast Zwift Riders.

Mike Leblanc

Mike’s mad love affair with bikes started the day he learned how to ride by himself as a young boy, without training wheels, using the neighbor’s bike.  And he’s been riding ever since.  

Steve Kikkert

Steve got involved in cycling early in life in the potato fields of PEI, building the biggest jumps. As an adult he got back into cycling as a triathlete. Steve now spends most of the time on gravel.

Martin Pelletier

Martin is an active member of our cycling community. He's one of the lead organisers for our Monday night Family group rides, Thursday night road and gravel rides as well as an active participant and volunteer of local races plus rides.

Serge Noel

Serge is a retired member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Now, having enough time, he can better enjoy his favourite sports - well sport - biking.

Heather White

Heather has loved cycling and has since she got my first blue CCM in grade two. Even as a young child she loved biking in the woods or to the local river ferry to just enjoy taking my ride on that ride. 

Thomas Flannery

Thomas got involved in cycling at the age of 13 racing mountain bikes. Through his teenager years he did road races and OCup mountain bike races in Ontario.

Rémi Mantion

Rémi got involved in cycling at the age of three. He was introduced to BMX racing when he turned six in France. BMX racing led him to a career as a professional athlete with the National Team and competed around the world for 20 years.

Pablo Vergaro

Pablo got involved in cycling while in University around 1994.  He worked at Mike's Bike Shop for a few years and eventually got involved with the Shop’s race team. He has been part of the MBS club ever since. He is a past-president of the club leading the team for years until 2023.

Don Ricker

Don grew up cycling as we all do but got really involved in cycling at the age of 18 when he tried his friend’s new bike that was called a “mountain bike.” It was all over after trying that bike.

Jonny St-Pierre

Jonny is a very active participant in our cycling community. He is the current President of the Dieppe Cycling Centre. With the help of many volunteers, he oversees annual fat bike races, the Tuesday night race series and the Dieppe XC Canada Cups.

Phillip Belanger

Phillip bought his first hardtail ‘DH bike’ from Mike’s Bike Shop back in 2000. Twenty plus years, countless ‘actual DH’ bikes, several injuries and a few races later, he loves the sport today as much as he did then.  Now he has the added joy of riding with his boys.

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André Landry

André has been cycling his whole life: from riding around town looking for anything to jump BMXs off to attempting his first 100km endurance ride from Cap-Pelé, NB to North Rustico, PEI with no training.

Michael Roy

Mike's love of bicycles dates back to his childhood and adolescence when his bicycle represented freedom, a means of getting around and most importantly fun. He rediscovered his love of cycling in 2012.

Charles Cormier

Charles has been involved in cycling for years as a competitor, as a father of a cyclist, and volunteer.  He enjoys road, cyclo-cross but mostly track cycling where he achieved many podiums including a national champion title.

Vanessa St-Pierre

Vanessa got involved in cycling via her lovely husband who introduced her to mountain, road, and gravel biking. His passions soon became their family's favourite activity. 

Cam MacKinnon

Cam got involved in Cycling as a teenager to train for Hockey.  He began Mountain Bike Racing but eventually transitioned to Professional Track Cycling and was a Canadian National Team member for nearly a decade.

Cindy Guitard

Cindy got involved in cycling many years ago through her husband’s passion for all forms biking.  She’s tried it all: road, XC, downhill, then stepped away. She has picked the sport up again and her current style of riding is hanging on for dear life.