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Disc Golf

The World is our fastest high speed driver. Designed as a distance driver the World gets there fast and flies great close to the ground. It has a low profile and a great feel. For professional players it is the fastest disc on the market that holds a hyzer line for anyone. For lower speed arms the World will be the disc in your bag that is over stable and fast in all conditions. You can count on the World to get you further down the fairway right away. Speed: 14 Glide: 4 Turn: 1 Fade: 4 About VIP Air: The Air Technology allows Westside Discs to lower the weight on both the flight plate and the rim. In the rim, effort has been put into guiding the majority of Air towards the center. This is done to give better impact resistance to the edge and bottom of the rim. As always lighter weights means a little bit less stability in the wind so expect the Air models to behave accordingly.
Dynamic Discs DyeMax Marvel Panorama Captain America
Dynamic Discs DyeMax Marvel Panorama Captain America We can't guarantee the weight on these discs as they are bagged and header carded. The new Panorama Avengers line features crisp, comic-like depictions of your favorite super hero quartet. Laid on a backdrop of bright, color specific, triangular art, these discs will be hard to lose on the course as well as making sure fellow players remain envious of your favorite mold. Get one for your bag, for your wall, or both. Choose your favorite, or collect all four of these Dynamic Discs exclusive Marvel DyeMax discs.
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