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Bike Fit

If you intend on spending any amount of time on a bicycle, then you should have someone look at your position and interaction with the bike.

Our professional fitter will assess your riding goals and history as well as your anatomy, then look at your position on your bike and your pedalling dynamics. We’ll modify how your bike is set up to improve your comfort and how efficiently you pedal. When it comes to the bike, sometimes it may just be a matter of adjusting setup such as your saddle height other times corrections in posture can have the same positive impacts.

Mike’s Bike Shop’s bike fit is for everyone that rides a bike to commute or to race on. It can help improve comfort, reduce the risk of future injuries, increase bike handling ability and most important keep you happy on the bike for longer.

Schedule your 1.5 hour fit now. 
What to bring:
1. Bike - please strip your frame including bar mounted bags prior to fit
2. Kit - shoes, helmet, jersey & riding shorts
3. Spare parts - saddles, stems, bars and pedals
4. Any previous bike fit information
Bike Fit: $129.99

Bike sizing: FREE

Bike sizing depends on the type of bike, your height, inseam and your riding style. Our sales team works closely with all customers using fit technology and hands-on adjustments to ensure our customers leave with the correct fitting bike set to the right saddle height and rail position.  A correct fitting bike will be more comfortable, more efficient and more fun to ride.