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All-Mountain Skis

$442.86 $879.99 50% Off
Lightweight and smooth-skiing, the extremely agile Atomic Vantage 97 C W has the float for almost anything you want to do off-piste in a shape that’s still at home in-bounds. For intermediate to advanced female skiers looking for fun in the pow, it’s an excellent choice – a ski they can use for a truly all-mountain experience. Built with Prolite – added reinforcements only in key zones for a revolutionary light construction – plus Energy Backbone and Carbon Tank Mesh combine to keep it strong and lightweight, while the Full Sidewall adds stability at high speed. It’s a go-anywhere, ski-anything all-mountain ski that’s simply great for women. Feel lighter, be stronger, ski better with the Vantage 97 C W. TECH FEATURES Prolite Energy Backbone Carbon Tank Mesh Light Woodcore Full Sidewall All Mountain Rocker 15/75/10
$508.57 - $599.99 $599.99 Up to 15% Off
Do you want to know which other related ski products Atomic has? At snowinn, you can buy all the necessary Skis items so that you can benefit from your activities without complications. Atomic Vantage WMN 75 C+M10 GW is at best price and in stock! Make us of our secure online payment system and benefit from our high qualified salesteam.
$535.00 $799.99 33% Off
ATOMIC offers a range of women's skis designed for fast, agile turns, both on and off the track with the Vantage X W. From this versatile collection, the VANTAGE WX 80 CTI is a high-performance model for all-mountain champions. Its Cap Sidewall construction is complemented by a 3D profile that increases the rigidity and durability of the ski. It also incorporates a carbon reinforcement that offers more power without additional weight and a titanium layer that absorbs shock for stability. The rocker at the front allows a nice maneuverability while these specificities for women (V shape, heel lift) adapts to skiers to facilitate practice. Offering the perfect balance of track stability and agility in all-mountain, it will satisfy those who explore the entire ski area.Power and comfort are the watchwords for these bindings MERCURY 11 compatible with all shoe sizes. In addition to being efficient, this model gives way to practicality. The one-piece heel and tool-free adjustment makes for easy, no-grip footing. Exo profile: 3D profile with angled edges and reinforced edges. Helps limit inertia, and increase rigidity and durability. - Construction Cap sidewall: full songs under the binding for more control and grip. - Core Light woodcore: poplar wood core that optimizes weight and offers stability and shock absorption. - Carbon Tank mesh: a layer of woven mesh utlra-rigid that strengthens the ski along its length while reducing weight. - Titanium powered: a layer of titanium above and below the core provides shock absorption, stability and torsional flexibility. - V shape for women. - Heel lift: raising the heel area to keep the center of gravity forward. - All-mountain rocker: 10% rocker in front, 90% camber on the rest of the ski. - World Cup finish: special machining that reduces friction for even more speed.- Front stop Power Toe: rigid stop that provides a lateral transmission of irreproachable power for an accurate and powerful grip. - One-piece heel: Ultralight heel for easy footwear. - Easy assembly and adjustment without tools. Mounting and adjustment by sliding on the plate. - Plate in 2 parts: Total reduced weight. New enhancements for additional shock absorption.
What do you think about finding Atomic Vantage WMN 75 C+M10 GW with this price? Amazing right? Do not wait longer and buy at our ski store, that you have been looking for a long time. Equip yourself well and enjoy your daily routine activities to the fullest with Atomic. And the best thing is that you have the best price in the market. Features: - Prolite - Energy Backbone - Carbon Tank Mesh - Cap Sidewall - Densolite Core - Structured Topsheet
Atomic Vantage 90 TI W
$699.99 - $899.99
Sitting in the sweet spot for female all-mountain skiers who still spend most of their time in-bounds, the versatile Atomic Vantage 90 TI W still has plenty of width to handle a range of off-piste conditions, with a slim enough outline to offer all the control and precision you need on piste. Added reinforcements in key zones – thanks to our revolutionary lightweight Prolite construction – keeps this ski on the right side of the scales. We’ve built it with Titanium Tank Mesh – offering the ultimate in strength and power. For ambitious female skiers comfortable on the piste but looking to explore off of it, this easy-to-ride, low-effort, ski gives you the confidence to be a stronger, better skier. It’s a pow-friendly all-mountain ski with serious carving chops. - Full Sidewall - Light Woodcore - Prolite - Energy Backbone - Titanium Tank Mesh - Directional Shape - Structured Topsheet - Flat
Atomic Vantage 90 TI
$867.96 $999.99 13% Off
The Atomic Vantage 90 TI is slightly more tuned for on-piste skiing and harder snow. A highly-tuned shape, in a highly versatile waist width, it offers all-mountain capability while sacrificing almost nothing in-bounds. The entire package is built in our industry-exclusive Prolite construction. Revolutionary and lightweight, it adds reinforcements only where needed, keeping the weight low. It’s strong thanks to Titanium Tank Mesh and Energy Backbone, and fully featured with Full Sidewall and Power Woodcore for rigid stability. For the resort ripper who wants a little bit of float and play in the pow, the Vantage 90 TI is a ski that performs day-in, day-out. Better, easier skiing happens on smartly-designed skis – and this ski is exactly that. - Full Sidewall - Power Woodcore - Prolite - Energy Backbone - Titanium Tank Mesh - Directional Shape - Structured Topsheet - World Cup Base Finish - Flat
$982.33 $1,099.99 11% Off
The Vantage 97 TI blurs the boundaries between piste and powder - this is where the ski sets new standards. With this agile all-mountain professional, precise turns can be pulled into the piste or into the powder, while at the same time driving in a controlled and reliable manner. Thanks to Prolite, this succeeds with ease: our revolutionary lightweight construction with additional reinforcements at the key points allows for less weight with more control and a better snow feeling. The ski gets stability through the use of Titanium Tank Mesh and the Energy Backbone as additional reinforcement. All mountain riders who are looking for a ski that supports them on the slopes and beyond are the right choice. Less effort, more feeling, top reliability - with this ski you just ride better. - Prolite - Titanium Tank Mesh - Energy Backbone - Full sidewall - Power Woodcore - Structured surface - World Cup surface - AMT ROCKER 15/75/10
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