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2XU A:1 Active Wetsuit
Engineered from 100% Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, 2XU’s A:1 is designed for triathletes demanding optimal flotation and flexibility. Featuring concave water entrapment zones on the forearm, rollbar for enhanced body positioning and floating zip panel for extended reach, this wetsuit utilizes 39 Cell front buoyancy panel for elevation in the water. The A:1 brings top-end technology to entry-level triathletes. FEATURES 1) Thickness - Chest: 4.5mm (Smooth Skin) - Shoulders: 1.5mm w/3mm transition zone (Super Stretch) 2) Max Buoyancy - 39 cell front buoyancy panel 3) Floating zip panel provides extra DPS (Distance Per Stroke) - Zipper has its own panel so it does not inhibit the flexibility in any way. This allows the flexible underarm to move as much as possible without pulling on the inflexible zipper. 4) 520% stretch lining for enhanced lateral flexibility BENEFITS 1) SCS (Super Composite Skin) Coating - Hydrodynamic silicone coating - Enhances Speed through water, durability and flexibility 2) Velocity Strakes - Hydrodynamic Stability for a neutral flow through the water with a more streamlined position and less side-to-side movement. 3) Concave Water Entrapment Zone - Designed to create more surface area on the forearm, creating resistance during the catch stroke, giving more speed in the water enhancing DPS. 4) Rollbar - Wraps around the hips to improved core buoyancy + body position
2XU Mens : V:2 Velocity Wetsuit
Achieve maximum speed in the water with 2XU's V:2 Velocity Wetsuit. Made from Yamamoto's world-class neoprene and sporting an Nano SCS coating throughout, this wetsuit will propel you to personal bests. To achieve those goals, it sports high-speed Velocity Strakes to channel the water past your body while 2XU's Rollbar technology eases your transition between strokes and optimizes your body position. Your advantage continues with panels on the forearms and lower legs that maximize the catch part of your stroke for greater speed and power though the water. Plus, there's a well-designed rear zip in a floating back panel for comfort, hydrodynamics and speedy transitions.
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