Atomic PRO C2 BLUE/BLACK/RED - 2019

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The Pro C2 Skintec Blue / Black / Red is a classic Nordic ski from Atomic .

This is a very easy ski to prepare and handle thanks to Skintec technology, no need to apply a wax. Indeed the Mohair grip areas provide excellent support and exceptional gliding on all types of snow. And the system allows that when the grip area is very worn it can be replaced very easily. The look of the Pro C2 Skintec gets a little rejuvenation with a new cool design. It also incorporates a high quality sole, race milling and sporty sideline combined with a flexible tip to help skidding and sliding.

We like: Its fluidity and stability / Its ease of use

- Side dimension: 45 - 45 - 45

- Construction: Pro Skintec + Carbon Laminate : High precision technology without wax with a 100% Mohair area. The Carbon Laminate contributes to better power transmission while skiing.

- BASE: BI 4000 + Course Structure: Improved gliding, only from Atomic

- Core: ULTRA LIGHT DENSOLITE SDS integrated: Offers bags of lightness and dynamism

- Quick change skins: You can easily change this skin yourself once it's worn.