2XU LD Core Support Trisuit - Women's

2XU LD Core Support Trisuit - Women's
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To facilitate a more efficient technique, 2XU has engineered their amazing LD Core Support Trisuit. With strong 105D/CK compression fabric panels zoned to the core, optimal torso and hip alignment is assured for the run. You also get 105D/CK also on the legs, stabilizing your muscles for greater endurance and power, while optimizing circulation for less fatigue and a faster recovery. Also featuring three rear pockets, Memory Tech LD Chamois, and 2XU’s new ICE X2 fabric to lower body temperature by up to 5°F, this trisuit is the ultimate performance enhancer.

• Zoned compression
• Flatlock stitching
• 2 rear pockets
• ICE X2
• 105D/CK