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ATOMIC offers a range of women's skis designed for fast, agile turns, both on and off the track with the Vantage X W. From this versatile collection, the VANTAGE WX 80 CTI is a high-performance model for all-mountain champions. Its Cap Sidewall construction is complemented by a 3D profile that increases the rigidity and durability of the ski. It also incorporates a carbon reinforcement that offers more power without additional weight and a titanium layer that absorbs shock for stability. The rocker at the front allows a nice maneuverability while these specificities for women (V shape, heel lift) adapts to skiers to facilitate practice. Offering the perfect balance of track stability and agility in all-mountain, it will satisfy those who explore the entire ski area.Power and comfort are the watchwords for these bindings MERCURY 11 compatible with all shoe sizes. In addition to being efficient, this model gives way to practicality. The one-piece heel and tool-free adjustment makes for easy, no-grip footing. Exo profile: 3D profile with angled edges and reinforced edges. Helps limit inertia, and increase rigidity and durability. - Construction Cap sidewall: full songs under the binding for more control and grip. - Core Light woodcore: poplar wood core that optimizes weight and offers stability and shock absorption. - Carbon Tank mesh: a layer of woven mesh utlra-rigid that strengthens the ski along its length while reducing weight. - Titanium powered: a layer of titanium above and below the core provides shock absorption, stability and torsional flexibility. - V shape for women. - Heel lift: raising the heel area to keep the center of gravity forward. - All-mountain rocker: 10% rocker in front, 90% camber on the rest of the ski. - World Cup finish: special machining that reduces friction for even more speed.- Front stop Power Toe: rigid stop that provides a lateral transmission of irreproachable power for an accurate and powerful grip. - One-piece heel: Ultralight heel for easy footwear. - Easy assembly and adjustment without tools. Mounting and adjustment by sliding on the plate. - Plate in 2 parts: Total reduced weight. New enhancements for additional shock absorption.
Head Skis Supershape Team : Jr ski : Blk/Yel : w/ SX 4.5 AC Binding
$99.99 - $229.99 $229.99 57% Off
Shop all Head The Head Supershape Team Skis + LRX 7.5 Bindings is the perfect starting starter kit for eager juniors. When learning to turn, the Junior Rocker provides easy turn initiation and less edge hooking. Rocker tips also charge through loose snow and float on fresh pow. The Supershape Team LR Skis also utilize the Junior Power Frame technology to geometrically enhance the performance of the ski instead of messing with the core or the density of the ski. For rapid progression, set your little dude up with these sticks and watch the young grom turn into a full-on ripper.
Salomon N QST LUMEN 99
$236.47 $599.99 61% Off
EXPAND YOUR PLAYGROUND Power and stability in all snow conditions Great terrain adaptation Energy and response REF: 405283 Get ready to charge with the QST LUMEN 99. Laps in back-bowl powder, climbing a ridge line or flying down your favorite runs in the resort, QST 99 gives you confidence and stability to push the limit. PRACTICE Freeride
Salomon Q-Max Jr ski + EZY7 B80 binding
$249.99 - $269.99
Description: Salomon Q-Max Jr + EZY7 Skis - Junior's 2016 For the little groomer who's ready to hit the trails, grab him the Salomon Q-Max Jr Ski, one that will propel him quickly to new heights. This efficient and easy to use all mountain ski is perfect for a beginner or intermediate skier who needs forgiveness on the trails. Versatile in all conditions with a slight tip to tail rocker system, the Q-Max effortlessly sails him through powder and grips hard on ice. With an easy to use ski, he'll quickly gain confidence and excel to new levels, securing a life long passion for skiing you'll be responsible for. So get the Junior Q-Max Ski from Salomon and be prepared to watch him soar. Features of the Salomon Q-Max Jr + EZY7 Skis - Junior's 2016 •Core Material: Composite, a combo of fibers to reduce weight and increase forgiveness •Construction: Monocoque, a layer of fiber for comfort and maneuverability •Top Sheet: Reinforced Structured Topsheet, protects ski surface •Rocker/ Camber: All Terrain Rocker 2.0, adds extra dimension of versatility and control for all mountain skiing •Flex: Easyflex Technology, allows for easy turning and faster progress with less fatigue
$255.88 $699.99 63% Off
Resulting from the range All-mountain Woman of SALOMON , the new AIRA 84 TI is the largest collection for a program 60% 40% runway and off-piste . It combines perfectly lightness and performance so you can enjoy the whole mountain. With a wooden core, reinforced with carbon and titanium , it ensures optimal control on groomed track to carve your turns. Nevertheless, it remains comfortable on other terrains thanks to its perfect handling provided by a lightweight construction optimized at the ends and a Rocker shape . In addition, the C / FX layer and the cork insertsguarantee exceptional cushioning to get you into the mogul fields or snow trafolled serenely. Indulge yourself on any terrain with this versatile and powerful ski.
$364.71 $879.99 59% Off
Offering a sure grip and lift in all conditions, the Atomic Vantage 97 CW is the faithful companion of the season that will not let you down
Atomic Redster D2 3.0 XT + X 12 TL
$400.00 $1,199.99 67% Off
If you’re looking for a performance piste ski that’s easy to handle at any speed, you cannot beat the Atomic Redster XT. It’s powered by Redster race technology, but with a more all-mountain feel for playful smooth rides on piste – and also more of an all-mountain look. It comes with a Full Sidewall, Race Rocker and Power Woodcore that adds a ton of stability and dampens vibrations at speed. XT stands for ‘Cross Turn’ meaning its multi radius sidecut offers the perfect blend of GS and SL performance.
$444.12 $1,049.99 58% Off
Ready to conquer the peaks? Now featuring HRZN Tech technology for better powder lift, the Atomic Vantage 107W is the widest of our Vantage W models The Atomic Vantage 107 CW is the widest ski in our Vantage women's range. Combining power and playfulness, it guarantees phenomenal powder lift and exceptional grip when you prefer to hit the slopes at full speed. Its Prolite construction of revolutionary lightness, reinforced in strategic places, gives you wings while offering a rigidity and a solidity specially adapted to the skiers. HRZN Tech technology increases the surface of the spatula by 10% for better lift, reduced spatula deflection and smoother, safer glide. Those wishing to explore all terrain with a ski that helps them do their best will not be able to beat the Vantage 107 C W. The Atomic Warden MNC 13 DT with Tool-Free Adjustment is a rental fixture offering strength and precision for the runway and deep snow.
The construction is what makes the EASY JOY such a special ski. From the start, you feel how easy it is to turn with the broader shovel. You can make confident turns in no time at all. And the longer edge gives you more stability and control. That makes your confidence grow every time you try. The EASY JOY is also an ideal choice if you are coming back to skiing after a break. Includes bindings.
$499.00 $959.99 48% Off
The Atomic Affinity Storm is a great ski for strong intermediates to expert skiers The 84mm waist is wide enough to tackle crud or variable snow conditions, while maintaining a very agile feeling allowing you to make tight turns. Stepdown Sidewall Construction has a cap construction in the tip and tail to increase maneuverability, a vertical sidewall under the binding platform for edge hold on firm snow. The Light Woodcore is made from Poplar that gives the Storm a light feeling. A single layer of Titanium is placed underneath the wood to give you stability, and prevents the ski from twisting as you speed down a steep, freshly groomed black diamond. Atomic uses a V-Shape meaning that the tip is wider than the tail that reduces muscle strain and fatigue, while being easier to control. The Storm is made with Atomic's All Mountain Rocker that has tip rocker that will initiate turns easier for you. Camber underfoot and in the tail will give you a spring or rebound to transfer energy from one ski to the next, and improve your edge hold on firm snow. If you need a ski that will be stable in variable snow conditions while having a light and snappy feeling for the front side, grab your gear because the Atomic Affinity Storm is a brewing!
Atomic REDSTER X7 W/ FT 12 GW BINDINGS 168cm
$500.00 $899.99 44% Off
The Atomic Redster X7 is the perfect fusion of a slalom and giant slalom ski for all-season piste skiing. Our Atomic FT 12 GW is a super flexible and lightweight all-mountain system binding. It comes with a smart pedal construction that automatically adapts to alpine or GripWalk boots. Plus it comes with easy DIN readability (with DIN range up to 12) and toolless adjustment to get everything sorted fast. It performs perfectly on the slopes, with the flexibility needed for all abilities to have fun.
SnakeSkin Top Sheet Full Fiber Jacket E base black Pre-mounted SP 10 GW Binding
Salomon E XDR 80 TI DARK BLUE/LIME 162 + Z12 WALK F80
$564.96 $849.99 34% Off
PRECISION, POWER AND TERRAIN VERSATILITY TO CONQUER ANY RESORT. INCREASED VERSATILITY A progressive rockered tip shape associated to the C/FX superior dampening abilities guarantees great terrain adaptation and easy flotation in powder. AGILITY With a particularly light set and an optimized construction in the extremities, the XDR is a playful and easy-to-maneuver ski for all terrains sensations. HARD SNOW PERFORMANCE Precision and power are provided by a strong core made from wood, C/FX and Ti for maximum control when carving the groomers.
$599.99 $1,077.99 44% Off
The Monster 88 is going to get the all-mountain crowd on its feet. This gorgeous black and red ski screams for aggressivity all over the mountain. What can the Head MONSTER 88 Ti ski do? Looking for a ski with which you can enjoy both soft and hard snow? The Monster 88 has your needs covered. The ski dominates the mountain and doesn’t get shaken easily. It comes with a versatile Allride Rocker developped by the manufacturer to offer endless performance in varying conditions. Made of a section of underfoot camber to ensure grip and reactivity and featuring a tip and tail rocker for optimal agility and fluidity through the turns, the ski floats pow and rips the hardpack with equality. Souped up with graphene and titanal, the Monster 88 is a ski of character. Stable and powerful, it won’t let you down regardless of what you ask. Who is the Head MONSTER 88 Ti ski designed for? This isn’t a ski for goofing around and for cruising down green pistes. It is designed for advanced and aggressive skiers who want something efficient on all terrains, on and off piste. What are the main assets of the Head MONSTER 88 Ti ski? Power Precision Energy return
Salomon X-DRIVE 8.8 FS : BLACK
The Salomon X-Drive 8.8 FS is a powerful ski for bigger, stronger skiers looking for stability anywhere on the mountain. The X-Chassis Construction improves edge hold and responsiveness by using Carbon and Polyamide Stringers in the middle of the ski. A Basalt Layer sits above the Light Density Full Wood Core to add extra strength, but not add any extra weight to the ski. Salomon's RKS (Rocker Stabilizer) utilizes a 3D Composite Fiber Reinforcement that eliminates tip chatter when you are really cranking up the speed. A new Koroyd Tip lowers the swingweight of the ski to make it less fatiguing and more maneuverable for big sweeping turns down a steep groomer, or zipping through the tight trees on a fresh snow day. RKS (Rocker Stabilizer) X-Chassis Basalt Layer Light Density Full Wood Core All Terrain Rocker 2.0 Koroyd Tip 1975g/Per Ski (@179cm) Recommended Bindings: Salomon Warden 13, Tyrolia Attack 13, Look SPX 12, Marker Griffon Recommended Brake Size 90-105mm
Salomon SKI SET : E XDR 80 Ti + Z12 Walk F80 BINDINGS
The Salomon XDR 80 Ti is an excellent option for the strong intermediate to expert skier looking for an agile and lightweight ride for carving smooth turns on the frontside of the mountain. Salomon's C/FX 3 Construction uses a blend of carbon and flax to deliver a smooth and stable ski that is impressively light on your feet. Full Sandwich Sidewalls add more torsional power and superb edge grip when conditions get firm. The Pulse Pad has vibration dampening elastomers inside the construction of the ski that absorb vibrations to keep you comfortable at your fastest speeds. Salomon's All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 uses a rockered tip and tail for quick turn initiation and easy turn exit for a highly maneuverable feeling as you slice and carve your way down the groomers. C/FX 3 Full Woodcore All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 Pulse Pad Full Sandwich Sidewalls 2845g/Per Ski (@176cm) Compatible with GripWalk and WTR Boot Soles
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