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$99.99 $189.99 47% Off
The Atomic Pro C2 is the ideal wax ski for more advanced skiers, or newcomers up for a fast learning curve. The Atomic Pro C2 is a classic wax ski with a consistent sidecut, designed to deliver a smooth, enjoyable ride, steady balance and easy handling from the very first step. At the same time, its High Densolite construction makes the Pro C2 very lightweight. The ideal wax ski for more advanced skiers, or newcomers up for a fast learning curve. TECH FEATURES BI 4000 + Race Grinding Pro Ultra High Densolite
$99.99 $399.99 75% Off
The Atomic Redster C7 is a light and stable wax ski for top amateur racers. The Redster C7 is a great wax ski for Classic nuts out there – whether you’re a racer, regular trainer or you just want something nice and fast when you make it out onto the tracks on the weekend. Its Race + Carbon Laminate makes it lovely and light, while its Worldcup Base and Grinding gives it serious acceleration and speed. TECH FEATURES BI 5000 + WC Grinding Race + Carbon Laminate Speedcell SDS
$99.99 $279.99 64% Off
One for the young guns: the Redster C9 Jr is based on our adult model with all the same race technology like a Speedcell and World Cup Grinding. The result is a superfast ski for young racers that’s light and really stable. The perfect platform for career takeoff.
Atomic Redster C9 Carbon Junior
$99.99 $399.99 75% Off
Atomic Redster C9 Carbon Junior is our ski made to get young racers flying. With a Nomex Featherlight core, Sintered World Cup Base, and World Cup Grinding, its got all the perks of its adult counterpart. It's also got a special Race Carbon WC Insert that uses carbon as efficiently as possible, making the ski powerful without adding any weight. This construction helps youngsters grip better in the kick phase whatever their weight – perfect for kickstarting a career on the tracks. TECH FEATURES - BI 6000 + WC Grinding - Race Carbon WC Insert - Nomex Featherlight
Atomic Redster C9 Junior
$99.99 $279.99 64% Off
One for the young guns: the Redster C9 Junior is based on our adult model with all the same race technology including Speedcell in the core and World Cup Grinding on the base. The result is a superfast ski for young racers that's light and really stable. The perfect platform for career takeoff. TECH FEATURES - BI 5000 + WC Grinding - Race Junior Construction - Speedcell
Atomic PRO S1
The Atomic Pro S1 is our entry-level Sport Skate for ambitious newcomers to skating. The Atomic Pro S1 is light and stable for newcomers to skating – sort of like your first proper road bike. A broader geometry, smooth sidecut and a double-grooved base makes for strong, efficient push-offs and long, stable gliding. And because they feature Ultra High Densolite cores, these skis are super easy to control. TECH FEATURES BI 2000 Pro High Densolite
Atomic Pro CS1
Our freshly revamped Atomic Pro CS1 combines the best characteristics of a skate and classic ski. It's ultra-light thanks to a High Densolite core and ultra-versatile as a result of the flat Pro construction. We've also added our Easy Edge Sidecut and double-grooved base: additions that make a big difference to your stability and control – making this ski especially easy to handle even on the downhill. Perfect for less technical cross-country skiers looking for an all-round best friend to see you through everything! TECH FEATURES - Comfort Tip - Double Groove - BI 2000 - Easy Edge Sidecut - High Densolite - Pro Construction
The Atomic Pro S2 L is a top training ski for women with double-grooved base for easy control. Make the best of your training time and stay fit through the winter. The Atomic Pro S2 L is specially designed for women skiers, featuring a geometry and double-grooved base that makes strong kicks easier, glide phases longer and the ski super easy to control. Pro S2 L also has an Ultra High Densolite core for light, easy handling. While the Pro S2 L’s 43-44-44 sidecut provides optimum stability. TECH FEATURES BI 3000 Pro Ultra High Densolite
Atomic Pro S2 W
Our freshly revamped Atomic Pro S2 skate ski is kind of like an aluminum road bike – light, easy to handle, and your perfect sidekick for workouts all winter through. It features a geometry that makes strong kicks easier and glide phases longer, while the Ultra High Densolite construction creates really light handling. You'll also notice the big difference our Easy Edge Sidecut and double-grooved base make to your stability and control – making this ski even more of a joy to ride! TECH FEATURES - Comfort Tip - Double Groove - BI 3000 - Easy Edge Sidecut - Ultra-High Densolite - Pro Construction
Atomic Punx Jr 110-130
The Atomic Punx JR 110-130 is the killer ski for any Park and Pipe rookie looking to shred like Jossi Wells and Elias Ambühl. Super maneuverable, it makes it easy to pull off tricks, hit kickers and stick your landing. A Full Cap construction also makes it light and tough – so you won’t trash them any time soon. Go find that rail with your name on it. - Full Cap - 5-8 Years - Directional Shape - Densolite Core - Flat - Structured Topsheet
Atomic Redster S5
The Atomic Redster S5 is ideal if you're looking for something powerful but easy to handle. The ski has a very light Speedcell core with Carbon Laminates that make the ski super lively and lightweight. You get a dynamic kick and long fast glide thanks to its combination of World Cup base, Race Grinding and Redster profile. With the Easy Edge Sidecut and two grooves in the base it's also easy to control, even when pushing hard. Go fast, enjoy the ride! TECH FEATURES - Race Carbon Construction - Comfort Tip - BI 4000 + Race Grinding - Double Groove - Speedcell
Atomic Bent Chetler Jr 140-150
Super maneuverable, stable, and effortless to handle, the Atomic Bent Chetler JR 140-150 is an easy to control ski designed for kids ages 8-13 looking to gain confidence skiing the entire mountain. The slightly wider 85mm waist width adds stability and Dura Cap construction makes it super light while also adding durability that will endure many seasons of learning. The ski features our revolutionary Bend X Technology, making turning easier for increased confidence and more accelerated progress. Capable of floating in deeper snow conditions, pulling off tricks in the kid's terrain park, and hitting the occasional kicker, at the end of the day the Bent Chetler 140-150 shortens the learning curve for a junior skier. TECH FEATURES - 8-12 Years - Directional Shape - Structured Topsheet - Densolite Core - Flat - Dura Cap - All Mountain Rocker 10/90/0
Atomic Punx Five
The Atomic Punx 5 is Punx 7’s chippy younger brother. Shaped for future X-Games winners, with twin tips and Atomic Park Rocker, it’s a great stick for training hard and honing your tricks. And with an extra durable construction it’s pretty much bomb proof. - Full Cap - Resist Edge - Directional Shape - Light Woodcore - Densolite Core - Structured Topsheet - Flat
Atomic Punx Five
The Atomic Punx Five is the step-up to the Punx Seven, with the same attitude—shaped for future X-Games winners. With twin tips and Atomic Park Rocker, it's a great stick to start training hard and honing their tricks during practice sessions in the park—or for just jibbing around. With an extra durable Full Cap construction and the Resist Edge, it's pretty much bomb proof. TECH FEATURES - Resist Edge - Directional Shape - Light Woodcore - Densolite Core - Dura Cap - Structured Topsheet - Park Rocker 15/70/15
Atomic Redster C7 Skintec PSP Medium
The Atomic Redster C7 Skintec is our ever-popular training ski for our athletes. This industry test-winning ski brings together an SDS camber construction and Skintec to give you a perfect kick and glide – with your kick zone kept away from the snow in the glide phase but easy to compress during the kick. And it's also super easy to exchange the skins yourself, with the choice of a universal skin (pre-set on the ski) or a speed skin with better glide properties thanks to a race-weaving with longer, smoother hair. TECH FEATURES - 100% Mohair - BI 5000 + WC Grinding - Easy Skin Exchange - Race Carbon Construction - Skintec - Speedcell SDS
Atomic Vantage 86 C W
The Atomic Vantage 86 C W is an excellent choice – easy and breezy on groomed runs, it’s predictable and confidence-building, yet capable – for letting you truly experience what skiing is all about. Prolite – our revolutionary light construction with added reinforcements in key zones – keeps weight down and Carbon Tank Mesh and Energy Backbone add stiffness and stability. This is a ski that helps novice to intermediate skiers become even better skiers – and whether you eventually push your skiing further and faster, or enjoy the simple pleasure of cruising on piste, a ski like the Vantage 86 C W is a vital step in your skiing story. - Full Sidewall - Light Woodcore - Prolite - Energy Backbone - Carbon Tank Mesh - Directional Shape - Structured Topsheet - Flat
Atomic Bent Chetler 100
The most versatile member of the Bent Chetler family, the Atomic Bent Chetler 100 is our go anywhere, do everything freeride ski. Designed by ski legend Chris Benchetler, this all-mountain ski is a slimmed-down version of the award-winning signature model offering a wide (but not too fat) 100mm waist for maximum versatility. The directional shape of the Bent Chetler 100 features HRZN Tech in the tip and tail for increased surface area and float, a Light Woodcore, and generous Powder Rocker for slashing and slarving the entire mountain. The Dura Cap Sidewall offers controlled power transmission and commanding edge grip on harder snow surfaces. Whether it's fresh snow, deep untracked, or hard variable conditions, the ski magazines have praised the Atomic Bent Chetler 100 as a 'hero ski'. TECH FEATURES - Dura Cap Sidewall - Directional Shape - Light Woodcore - HRZN Tech Tip & Tail - Directional Shape - Structured Topsheet - Powder Rocker 20/70/10
Atomic Vantage 90 TI W
$699.99 - $899.99
Sitting in the sweet spot for female all-mountain skiers who still spend most of their time in-bounds, the versatile Atomic Vantage 90 TI W still has plenty of width to handle a range of off-piste conditions, with a slim enough outline to offer all the control and precision you need on piste. Added reinforcements in key zones – thanks to our revolutionary lightweight Prolite construction – keeps this ski on the right side of the scales. We’ve built it with Titanium Tank Mesh – offering the ultimate in strength and power. For ambitious female skiers comfortable on the piste but looking to explore off of it, this easy-to-ride, low-effort, ski gives you the confidence to be a stronger, better skier. It’s a pow-friendly all-mountain ski with serious carving chops. - Full Sidewall - Light Woodcore - Prolite - Energy Backbone - Titanium Tank Mesh - Directional Shape - Structured Topsheet - Flat
ATOMIC offers a range of women's skis designed for fast, agile turns, both on and off the track with the Vantage X W. From this versatile collection, the VANTAGE WX 80 CTI is a high-performance model for all-mountain champions. Its Cap Sidewall construction is complemented by a 3D profile that increases the rigidity and durability of the ski. It also incorporates a carbon reinforcement that offers more power without additional weight and a titanium layer that absorbs shock for stability. The rocker at the front allows a nice maneuverability while these specificities for women (V shape, heel lift) adapts to skiers to facilitate practice. Offering the perfect balance of track stability and agility in all-mountain, it will satisfy those who explore the entire ski area.Power and comfort are the watchwords for these bindings MERCURY 11 compatible with all shoe sizes. In addition to being efficient, this model gives way to practicality. The one-piece heel and tool-free adjustment makes for easy, no-grip footing. Exo profile: 3D profile with angled edges and reinforced edges. Helps limit inertia, and increase rigidity and durability. - Construction Cap sidewall: full songs under the binding for more control and grip. - Core Light woodcore: poplar wood core that optimizes weight and offers stability and shock absorption. - Carbon Tank mesh: a layer of woven mesh utlra-rigid that strengthens the ski along its length while reducing weight. - Titanium powered: a layer of titanium above and below the core provides shock absorption, stability and torsional flexibility. - V shape for women. - Heel lift: raising the heel area to keep the center of gravity forward. - All-mountain rocker: 10% rocker in front, 90% camber on the rest of the ski. - World Cup finish: special machining that reduces friction for even more speed.- Front stop Power Toe: rigid stop that provides a lateral transmission of irreproachable power for an accurate and powerful grip. - One-piece heel: Ultralight heel for easy footwear. - Easy assembly and adjustment without tools. Mounting and adjustment by sliding on the plate. - Plate in 2 parts: Total reduced weight. New enhancements for additional shock absorption.
Atomic Vantage 97 C
The Atomic Vantage 97 C – this all-mountain ski in a do-it-all width makes an excellent argument for a one-ski quiver. It’s also a great transition ski for those looking to build their off-piste experience, but still want to enjoy plenty of on-piste carving control. You’ll feel lighter with our revolutionary Prolite construction – added reinforcements only in key zones – and Energy Backbone and Carbon Tank Mesh combine to deliver high strength and light weight to help you ski stronger. Full Sidewall adds stability and enables direct power on whatever you’re skiing – whether it’s slashing and bashing through the soft stuff or carving down the corduroy. If you want to grab the same ski every time you head to the lift, grab the one that takes less work and makes you ski better: the Vantage 97 C. - Full Sidewall - Light Woodcore - Prolite - Energy Backbone - Carbon Tank Mesh - Directional Shape - Structured Topsheet - Flat
Lightweight and smooth-skiing, the extremely agile Atomic Vantage 97 C W has the float for almost anything you want to do off-piste in a shape that’s still at home in-bounds. For intermediate to advanced female skiers looking for fun in the pow, it’s an excellent choice – a ski they can use for a truly all-mountain experience. Built with Prolite – added reinforcements only in key zones for a revolutionary light construction – plus Energy Backbone and Carbon Tank Mesh combine to keep it strong and lightweight, while the Full Sidewall adds stability at high speed. It’s a go-anywhere, ski-anything all-mountain ski that’s simply great for women. Feel lighter, be stronger, ski better with the Vantage 97 C W. TECH FEATURES Prolite Energy Backbone Carbon Tank Mesh Light Woodcore Full Sidewall All Mountain Rocker 15/75/10
Our Atomic Cloud 12 is a beauty on the surface… and a beauty underneath. This top model of our best-selling Cloud range contains the same Atomic technology as our Redster racing skis. That includes our World Cup innovation, Servotec. This acts like power steering for your skis, dialing up the ski’s agility in turns and its stability on fast straights. Powerful performance, elegant looks: the perfect ski for fast, confident queens of the piste. BINDING Our Atomic XT 12 TL ski binding is a perfect solution if you’re looking for race performance and toolless adjustment. With 75mm brakes and Full Flex, the X 12 TL RS delivers top power transfer, total control and, crucially, fantastic speed – all without the hassle of tools
Atomic Vantage 90 TI
The Atomic Vantage 90 TI is slightly more tuned for on-piste skiing and harder snow. A highly-tuned shape, in a highly versatile waist width, it offers all-mountain capability while sacrificing almost nothing in-bounds. The entire package is built in our industry-exclusive Prolite construction. Revolutionary and lightweight, it adds reinforcements only where needed, keeping the weight low. It’s strong thanks to Titanium Tank Mesh and Energy Backbone, and fully featured with Full Sidewall and Power Woodcore for rigid stability. For the resort ripper who wants a little bit of float and play in the pow, the Vantage 90 TI is a ski that performs day-in, day-out. Better, easier skiing happens on smartly-designed skis – and this ski is exactly that. - Full Sidewall - Power Woodcore - Prolite - Energy Backbone - Titanium Tank Mesh - Directional Shape - Structured Topsheet - World Cup Base Finish - Flat
Ready to conquer the peaks? Now featuring HRZN Tech technology for better powder lift, the Atomic Vantage 107W is the widest of our Vantage W models The Atomic Vantage 107 CW is the widest ski in our Vantage women's range. Combining power and playfulness, it guarantees phenomenal powder lift and exceptional grip when you prefer to hit the slopes at full speed. Its Prolite construction of revolutionary lightness, reinforced in strategic places, gives you wings while offering a rigidity and a solidity specially adapted to the skiers. HRZN Tech technology increases the surface of the spatula by 10% for better lift, reduced spatula deflection and smoother, safer glide. Those wishing to explore all terrain with a ski that helps them do their best will not be able to beat the Vantage 107 C W. BINDING The Atomic Warden MNC 13 binding combines the strength and precision you need on piste with the smooth progressive power transfer you need in deeper snow. MNC stands for Multi Norm Certified, which means it works with all types of soles – DIN, Touring and Walk To Ride (WTR) – and fits every normed boot in the market. So it’s ideal if you want one binding for your all-mountain and backcountry skiing. It has an Oversized Platform and U-Power Toe – a super-wide platform that provides maximum lateral power transmission plus precise steering, natural flex and strong dampening. It’s also 30% wider than comparable bindings so works well with progressive wider skis like Vantage. Finally it has self-retracting Freeski Brakes that eliminate hang-ups on switch landings.
The Atomic Redster G9 RS delivers speed and stability for GS racing at all levels. A pre-stressed rod and elastomer on the top of the ski supports the ski’s steering behavior at all every speed – that’s our Servotec technology. It’s basically power steering that makes the ski more agile in turns then more stable on straights. It comes with a Full Sidewall and it’s Ultra Titanium Powered. A thick, strong titanium layer sidewall-to-sidewall and tip-to-tail offers stability, torsional rigidity and edge grip. Since it’s not restricted by FIS rules, it has a smaller radius to make the handling very forgiving. If you’re a Ski Cross or Master athlete looking for World Cup performance, you’ve found it. TECH FEATURES Full Sidewall Ultra Titanium Powered Servotec Ultra Power Woodcore Active Race Interface Glossy Topsheet World Cup Base Finish BINDING X 19 MOD Our Atomic X 19 MOD ski binding features a Force Transfer Cage in the heel piece for maximum power with seamless interplay between components. After feedback from our World Cup athletes, we’ve also made sure the power transfer is totally centralized directly under the boot. So if you’re looking for power transfer, total control, amazing edge grip and speed, look no further.
$99.99 $329.99 70% Off
DESCRIPTION ShowDescription These light performance skis suit enthusiastic loppett racers or high-level athletes crossing over from other styles of skiing. Air Core Basalight construction keeps them very light and provides excellent flex properties. New lightweight natural fibre and resin laminate layer makes this year's version even lighter. Ultra finish stone grinding removes a thin layer of base material prior to final finish, for a smooth, flat, race-friendly surface. Universal World Cup pro base. NIS plate included, bindings sold separately.
$99.99 - $199.99 $199.99 Up to 50% Off
Thanks to the forgiving kick action, the new Efficient Forward technology offers the basis for an easy-going skiing experience, even if the skier’s own technique has not reached world champion level yet. FEATURES: This technology fills both beginners and advanced recreational skiers with enthusiasm, thanks to a forgiving kick action and a completely new, carefree skiing experience. And the new construction also saves up to 200 grams in weight
$99.99 $399.99 75% Off
A lightly sidecut, easy handling ski with race-type construction for training, loppet and long-distance fun. Lightweight aircore basalight construction is durable and provides torsional ridgidity. Short cut camber puts clear separation between kick and glide phases, directing efficient energy into each move. The camber pocket collapses uniformly for gripping, and instantly releases to permit long, smooth gliding. High-molecular-weight sintered bases with waxable finish. Final finish creates a race-ready base
Fun in sport: these skis are ideal for the first steps in the snow, make it easier to learn classic style and guarantee rapid progress.
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