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Cross Country Ski Poles

Salomon R 20
$47.99 $79.99 40% Off
R20 is a lightweight racing performance pole with a 20% carbon shaft and a comfortable EVA grip for avid skiers. Efficient - Great combination of stiffness and precise grip for efficient power transfer Lightness - 20% carbon, 80% glass shaft is light and strong Comfort - EVA grip helps absorb shocks during long sessions
$47.99 $79.99 40% Off
These lightweight, carbon composite poles have the same shaft as the higher priced Quantum 6. High stiffness and durability, Force 7 cork grips, plus supportive Force 7 adjustable straps make it a great pole for fitness skiing and racing
Salomon R 60 Click
$83.99 $139.99 40% Off
R 60 CLICK is a high performance 60% carbon pole with super-convenient Click grip for avid skiers and weekend racers. Convenience - ErgoClick Grip enables one-handed pole removal on the fly Power transfer - Stiff, 60% carbon shaft and ergonomic grip ensure maximum power transfer with each pole plant Light weight - 60% carbon shaft
Atomic BCT Ultra QRS
$107.99 $179.99 40% Off
Atomic BCT Ultra QRS is our new pole specially designed for ski touring. To deliver on that, it features a thin 16mm shaft made from our top-grade 6* Ultra Carbon, which is incredibly rigid but lightweight, a wolfram tip and an exchangeable basket. It also comes with our new Power Strap Lite for strong power transmission into the snow when hiking uphill. The grip is made from cork and comes with our QRS Quick Release System that helps you instantly release your strap by pushing a button. It also has reflective logo prints down the side for you crazy night tourers out there! - QRS - Quick Release System - Reflective Logoprints - 6* Ultra Carbon Pole Technology (16mm) - Reflective Logoprints - QRS Grip (2K) - Power Strap Lite - Exchangeable Basket - Wolfram Tip - Ergonomic M-Fit
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