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Waxing Tools

Swix LF4X GREEN : -12C/-32C : 60G
Temperature range from -12 ° C to -32 ° C. Recommended lubricator temp .: 155 ° C. A cold wax for conditions with dry friction, which can be used simply as a wax when the humidity is low. It works very well on artificial snow and has a good durability. The speed of the lubricator should be approx. 8-10 sec. on an ice skating or alpine skiing. The wax can be re-heated after cooling to room temperature (10 min) for better durability. It is important to have a good lubricant to effectively wax the wax. Secured after approx. one minute. In the warmest part of the temperature range and at high humidity, Cera F powder, such as FC04X, will increase performance. CHARACTERISTICS A hard slider Temperature range -12 ° C to -32 ° C For you who train and compete Durable and good at artificial snow
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