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Updated May 12, 2020

Action Plan for Store Opening for Mike’s Bike Shop
 Province of New Brunswick Phase 2 – Opening to the General Public

  • Occupancy in the store will be restricted to 15 people at any one time - this is subject to change based on the recommendations/restrictions expected by the provincial health government

  • Signage will be posted reminding about social distancing; COVID-19 symptoms and restrictions to entry

  • A Mike’s Bike Shop employee will remain near the reception area to facilitate social distancing of customers entering and exiting the shop, as to also ensure that no more than 15 persons are in the store at any one time; also, this team member will address any customer concerns regarding ‘safe shopping’ within MBS

  • Patrons will be permitted to enter and exit via the front door but must ensure that only one customer at a time enters or exits, while maintaining the 2m (6 feet) requirement at all times

  • Personal, washable masks will be provided to employees for use. They are to be used when physical distancing of 2m (6 feet) is not possible to maintain

  • Any customer going to the service department will proceed immediately to the service desk

  • Once a customer is inside the building, each must follow floor markings to direct them throughout the store in a single direction

  • Hand sanitizers for the general public are placed at the shop entrance and at the service counter area

  • Social distancing signs have been posted throughout the shop as a constant reminder to customers

  • Floor markers will be 2m (6 feet) apart in front of the payment counter and service desk

  • Only two people will be permitted in the service drop off area at any one time

  • Clothing change rooms will be CLOSED until further notice. Customers will be able to exchange or return as outlined under the Mike’s Bike Shop Return/Exchange Policy

  • Demo helmets , which will be sanitized regularly, will be used to determine ‘fit’ for the customer

  • Debit/Credit machines will be disinfected after EVERY transaction

  • Plexiglass barricades have been installed around work stations and these are wiped and disinfected on a regular basis throughout each day

  • Coffee machine will be ‘temporarily’ unavailable

  • Any bicycle, stroller etc. that has been handled or sat-on by a customer MUST be disinfected by the sales person

  • Demo bikes MUST be disinfected when returning to the shop

  • All bikes MUST be disinfected when presented/delivered to the customer

  • Customers are NOT permitted in the Service workshop area

When in doubt as to how to remain safe while visiting Mike’s Bike Shop, PLEASE seek out a staff member for assistance.

It is your health and safety that is vital to us!


Rick Snyder
Mike’s Bike Shop